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Old SWL Handbooks

Guest philglossop

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Guest philglossop

Ok so some 15 years after leaving home- I have to clear my old bedroom out for good (Mum and Dad need an office :o )

I have found some old SWL handbooks from the following years





plus some from the mid/late 90's

Thing is- do I keep them or sell them??? Is there a market out there for them- they are in fair condition, but looking back they are a piece of old SWL history- Bugle, Helston, Elmore, Louis International are some of the old names! :yahoo:

Ebay or not???

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Out of curiosity did the Combo ever produce some form of hand book?

Also I've never seen a County hand book. Does it have results for the various leagues?

I'm missing 324 results for the Combo website out of 14,153 games played since 1959, sourced from old newspapers. Most of the missing ones are from the 1980's as both the Cornishman and West Britian didn't have a results page as such but individual game reports so mid-week games tended not to be reported.

Did you know there have been 55,974 goals scored in the Combo up to 8th Dec 2007.

And being a glutton for punishment I've started to do a site for the old South Western League. I'm presently completing the individual league tables. I need a source of handbooks for the match score grids so I don't have to scour old newspapers. Help please.

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Guest Postie Pidge

I take my hat off to you CTB for your efforts. I have various partially completed grids for the SWL.

Regarding the County handbook, these only give club details and contacts as well as listing same details on referees. No results are given out and this season's Combination League handbook also has no results in them.

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CTB-I wish you well in your SWL all time results search,

I have the grids for seasons 1951-52;1952-53;1957-58: and SWL hand books from 1986 to present.

I can photo copy and post on to you to get you started.

Also I have delved around and found programmes(rather grubby and faded) early 70's of CCL Cup semi's and finals plus Evely cup ,Inter League and league winners against rest of league which may interst you.

one other prog is 1974 St.Just Feast-St.Just v Crewe Alexandra. In those years St.Just would entertain the club that played Plymouth Argyle on the Saturday who would stay over the weekend and play on the Monday feast day.

Dave Deacon when you are viewing is it possible to complete the all time SWL record which is stuck at 31st March 2007 with only a few to go to make it the final masterpiece.

CTB-regarding your missing CCL results I may be able to help if Falmouth Town were involved.

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Thanks Mike.

If you look at the following link it will show you a page of how far I've got with the Combo


Clicking on the links on the page will show you what I've got for each season regarding results, league table and cups.

This link will show you what I've done for each team


If you clicked on a link under say Falmouth Town Reserves Facts and Figures you will get this page


This will show you every team they have played against.

Now click on an individual link say against Penzance Reserves


Now you will find individual scores for every game played between the teams but they're not complete as in this one page there is one score missing!!! Frustrating.

I have done every head 2 head for every team in the league. Just click on the links.

Also every cup winners, champions, etc linked from this page. Enjoy, there are 1494 pages to look at and the site is still not finished.

I will PM you with my address as any help with a site for the SWL would save me a lot of time.



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