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whats the odds on godolphin catching the run away leaders torpoint will it be as as per norm the points in the bag will count is it an advantage to the clubs with lights to get there games in midweek ? just interested in your views and well done ricki at torpoint class always tells but the g army is on your tail ( well hope so )

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More Importantly..........Who's going to win Div One ??

As for Torpoint they are a good young side, but the crunch will come when they have to travel to one or two of the 'Older' teams over the winter months, now that the pitches are starting to cut up with all the bad weather.

Plus of course Ricky may well lose one or two to the First team if they keep doing well.

The trouble with a lot of the Peninsula League's reserve teams that play in the ECPL is that if the first team haven't got a game they put a few into the reserves which is okay for a quick fix, but can disrupt long term progress and team moral.

Torpoint it appears are one of the few reserve teams who are getting it right.

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