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:wacko: Having slagged off the Argyle fans for not supporting them more, Holloword put his foot in it again at Leicester by slagging off the Leicester fans for jeering at his teams players in yesterdays 2-1 home defeat against Southampton. Not only that but if you saw the interview on todays ITV Championship he also told the Leicester chairman where he was going wrong. The interview was all about how good a manager he is. This could be his last chance to prove it. Mind you Heaney will take him on at Truro if it doesn't work.

I expect unless Holloword changes their fortunes quickly he will be the next manager on his way out in the New year. Holloword said he hadn't been able to prove himself at previous clubs because his best players were sold from under his feet. I don't recall Busaki being a regular when he left for QPR.

Whatever respect he had from the Argyle fans has completely gone out of the window. Thank goodness Sturrock has returned to the club. I wasn't sure but at least he isn't in it for the popularity stakes. He at least understands the situation here and I'm sure will do his best for the club.

Holloword has already planted the seeds of discontent with his new fans. For Argyle who knows. Only time will tell.

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