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paul fh1 side history


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Pool :-

- included legend of a keeper David Jull.

A true gent, and star for Pool who I believe he won the Junior Cup with.

(Also keeper for the mighty Reds in his last couple of seasons - 85 appearances, 1 goal. Make no apologies for saying again.......legend!!!).

Told me a couple of years ago that his first game was for Pool on the ground at Roskear Road back in something like 1752 (pigskin for a ball and 53 players a side when the game lasted 4 days :D ), and his last game before he hung up his boots, was playing for Redruth Utd in a friendly 2 years ago......also at Roskear Road!

Am sure DamoNo2 can find out the rest of the names for Pool in their glory years?

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