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Defeat for Cornwall Youth

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Starting line-up.












Subs Slateford, Moon, Hunter (Not used Rosevear, Means)

Good game played in difficult conditions, thanks to all at Launceston for allowing us to play at Pennygillam.

We played some good football but paid the penalty for missing our chances and as we all know, at top level you usually pay the price. They scored with a breakaway goal. Our free kick that didn't clear the first defender, they broke very quickly, one of our players slipped which gave them a 2v1 situation and Richard Pennington had no chance.

Prior to that I never felt really threatened although they had chances of their own, and even into stoppage time we had 2 great opportunities to get a draw which was what we deserved, but when you don't score you don't win.

To be fair to Berks and Bucks they looked good at times but we will see this as a game we should have won because they were "beatable".

When the final whistle blew we had five 16 year olds on the pitch and one on the bench, and every player gave absolutely everything they had. Disappointing result but you simply couldn't fault their effort and on another day the game could have been effectively over at half time.

Thanks to all who took time to come and watch us and we hope to see you again.

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