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Checking football pitches

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Our ref from yesterdays game gave our pitch a very fine inspection, even checking how far the middle flags were from the touchline.

i was just wandering why they do this part way threw a season as loads of games get played on the pitch i can understand doing it for the first game of the season.

Do refs have to check these things for every game they do (i know they do the nets).

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Hi St A 2nds, there is a definitive answer to this, when a referee arrives at the ground his first duty is to check the field of play and the equipment the reason is he has then assumed his duties for the game and yes you do have to check these things before every game. An example a corner flag post gets broken during practice or whatever and then just gets poked onto the ground and is now below the minimum height of 5 ft it now needs replacing but if the ref hadn`t bothered to check it could have caused an injury.

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Sorry i have been off the forum for ages; computer problems etc; etc;

I do a full inspection for every single game which includes the safety of the goal posts/crossbar all the way through to screening for the recent appearance of stray cats and dogs that leave their territory markings.

The only time that i did not count the number of players present at kick off; i wish i had as soon as the manager of a particular team pointed out that his opponents had 12 men on the field.

be prepared; that's my motto !!

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