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Andy Cole has to be up there. Shearer would not have even made double figures if he wasn't given a special license to elbow everybody out the way if they came near him.

One for you to have a go at me about now. Robbie Keane has been one of the most consistent strikers in recent history. His latest record of 26(ish) goals in 33(ish) matches is truly superb and although he clearly is not the greatest premiership striker (past or present), he will certainly be up there amongst them when he has to eventually call it a day. People forget that he's also only 26 or 27 years old.

Henry's record speaks for its-self and Van Nistelroy must not be forgotten. Does the fact that they scored more goals make them better strikers though because if you ask me, for all the goals Shearer, Cole and Van Nistelroy scored, I wouldn't even say that they were half as good as the likes of Bergkamp, Henry and the wizard that was called Zola. They are all genius with a ball at their feet.

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if we are not talking current strikers then shearer has to top the list,correct me if im wrong but hasnt he scored the most prem goals ever thus making him the best striker in the premiership :clapper:

some players have only played a few seasons over here and were sheer class, whereas shearer played all of his career in the premiership!!

still a quality goalscorer

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