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Guest plainmoor

Although they are getting a bit better, there is still no transparency in what they do, unlike other fa's they are slow to tell thier members what is happening and they are not embracing modern methods and technology.

I'll give them one thing though, they've had the decency to get the county cups sponsored, but where does that sponsorship money go? and are west insure getting enough coverage for them to continue year after year, if not then it will stop others from wanting to sponsor.

There should be a point of contact for everyone, people at the cornwall fa should be approachable at the moment it appears that they are hidding behind 120 odd tears of history.

Come on cornwall get like other county fa's (including mine) and get up to speed with the times and make it so as people feel like they can approach you.

his is the 21st century.

Get on the radio, get your sponsors name across the airwaves at every oppotunity and above all get the draws done live, it's want the masses want, or do you not care about the people of cornwall?

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