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Thank you time to the unsung heroes...........

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I would like to put a public thank you out to a couple of those unsung heroes!

Firstly to the wonderful Nigel Jewell who gave up his Sunday morning at late notice to ref a Kernow League game for St Agnes Girls and then refused to accept anything for it!

Secondly to Anita who regularly turns up to run the line for St Agnes Ladies, Perranporth men, youth teams and goodness knows who else - giving freely of her own time!

Without people like this - and I know there must be many others - on my list already Ian Baxter and Tom Benney - Cornish Soccer would be much harder!

Thank you to all those above for your contribution and support!

There must be others out there .....who are your unsung heroes of local soccer?

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If we're thanking unsung heroes then ours has got to be Eddie Ansell who devotes so much time to running the first team, maintaining our pitch and loads of behind the scenes stuff that he gets no recognition for :clapper::thumbsup::clapper::thumbsup:

We also can't thank Anita enough for all she does for us. Also her mum who's a whizz in the kitchen on Sundays for the kids :clapper::clapper: :clapper:

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Guest Postie Pidge

I'd like to thank Anita as well for the times she makes herself available to help Falmouth Town Combo out as well as refereeing Frogpool's debacle at Lizard. She also stood in to referee Mpad's win against Shortlanesend on a pitch with barely any pitch markings at the end of last season to ensure we finished second bottom!

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It was bloody cold down the Lizard, and at Aggie on sun, think its time for thermal underwear :D

Hee hee just read back some of the postings, i get around a bit don't i :lol:

Thermal Underwear, Anita why dont you wear your forum polo thats like a tent as im sure that would keep the wind out :D

(I get around a bit dont i) eeerrrmmm lol :D

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