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Hayle res report

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A good performance from Port, in the first half we were not in the game, the ref got injured after i think about ten min, lucky our 3rd team were playing across the road and we had to take there ref which meant there game was abandoned sorry about that lads. It was 1-0 to Port at this stage poor defending from us let them in to go one up they started to put the pressure on and we just could not get started before they scored there second and best goal a great individual effort going through 4 of our players before finnishing off in style with a low shot in the corner keeper left with no chance. The 3rd was from more poor defending and not being able to clear our area, but Port were far the better side in the first half.

We started better in the second half got our game together and made a closer contest of it, the ref was being marked and handed out quite a few yellow cards, both teams missed a few chances in the second half before we pulled a goal back but even though we probably had our strongest team out for weeks the result was never in doubt and it ended 3-1 to Port. :(:(:( :(

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