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Dartmouth 1 FalmouthTown 1

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SWPL Prem.Div.

DARTMOUTH 1 FALMOUTH TOWN 1 (Dartmouth remain unbeaten at Home and Falmouth unbeaten away)

h/t 0-1, corners 11-2, Est.Att 70 (inc.18 from Falmouth+ 1 exile)

DARTMOUTH-Gavin Alston;Ed Roberts;Richie Hammett;Simon Webb(Chris Hooper h/t);Steve White(Capt);John Rimmer;Richard Gomm(Mark Collins85m);Chris Harrity;Andy Widdecombe;Robbie Bowker;Simon Lewcock;Unused subs.Kevin Causley;Andy Prowse;Jamie Bennellick

FALMOUTH TOWN-Nathan Murphy (Capt);Jamie Morrison Hill(Andy Bowker 80m);Ben Goldring;Aaron Cussack;Brinton Nute;Lee Beer;Darren Burchell;Matt Cussack;Glen Sqires;Wayne Brown;Neil Bettis;Unused subs;Fergus Nevin;Kain Bond;Matt Godfree;

SCORERS- Dartmouth Chris Hooper 60min-Falmouth Town Aaron Cussack 30min

BOOKINGS -Dartmouth Chris Hooper 75min-Falmouth Town Lee Beer 16min

REFEREE-Philip Cowley (Paignton)

ASSISTANTS-Stewart Pringle (Torquay) Chris Palmer (Newton Abbot)-- As printed in programme.

Falmouth completely dominated the first half with possesion but without any goal threat.

After 30mins one inspired attack where Matt Cussack got beyond the back line to lay the ball back for brother Aaron who had time to fire home.

First Darren Burchell and then Simon Lewcock had similar shots across the face of goal narrowly missing the upright but the miss of the half fell to John Rimmer who skied over from close in following a corner.

For the second week running Falmouth saw a dramatic second half turn around as Dartmouth had them on the back foot for most of the half and not for sturdy defending would have gone home empty handed.

The inevitable equaliser came on 60 mins when Wayne Brown missed the ball on the touchline leaving Rimmer to cut in and put his pass into the 6 yard box where it was met decisively by Chris Hooper under pressure.

A disallowed goal for Dartmouth when the ball was pinging about in the air on the goal line and a one on one save by(Captain) Murphy followed by a brave injury tackle by Wayne Brown saw Falmouth gladly settle for a point.

Perhaps playing Glen Squires as a lone forward was all that Falmouth deserved as for the second week they tried to defend a 1-0 lead with home keeper Gavin Alston a virtual second half spectator.

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A poor crowd for a top of the table clash dont you think?(70) In the match programme today, Chairman wrote about our poor crowd on wednesday night. The crowd was 108 but seeing as we arnt doing so well, Holsworthy hardly had a car load of fans and there was chumps league football on I didnt think it was that bad. Today, St Blazey had about 130+. Again, little support for Liskeard. Hopefully we have a friday night match coming up. Be good to see a good crowd for that one.

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Dartmouth are the lowest supported team team in the SWPL Prem.(averaging 55).

Paul-At least you have kept your home matches into three figures as at Bickland two of our attendances have dipped below the 100.

Friday night football seems to be the crowd puller so go for it.

Last night at Parkway I believe there was a record swpl gate of 319?

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Mike, was Falmouth pleased with a point after the game? I see Bodmin and Saltash are coming up behind Falmouth, in a position to overtake Falmouth! Can you explain y Town are a First Half team and fall to bits in the second half? Is it fitness?

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John= I settled for a point long before the end and could only see the Falmouth net next to bulge.

Didnt stay in the clubhouse for long and left before any players/management turned up because I wanted to have a drive down to the Town/waterfront before it got dark.

Relating to fitness its hard to say,probably tactical.

I thought Dartmouth were an average side in the first half,mostly second best in trying to get a hold of the ball but came out second half, buzzing from the off and it was Falmouth who couldnt put any moves together.

I heard that Plymouth Parkway are taking fitness training very seriously at Scott Dann's(pro boxer) gymnasium.

On another issue are teams in the CSWP League allowed to use squad numbers because when I copied from the official team sheet, Dartmouth had No's.17,12,and 14 beginning the match and No's 3,9,10,15, and16 on the bench?It became a bit confusing at the start wondering if subs had been made.

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Yeah i think a point is a good resulting judging from waht you say! Town unbeaten way from home. Maybe its the pressure of playing home that has unfolded Falmouth this year!

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