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Dan, I dont wish to go into major detail on a site such as this for all to read but could you briefly explain what you mean by "how poor St Blazey are this season"? You may read this as an overeaction but it has touched a nerve!

I accept that it probably isnt the start you have become accustomed to this season compared to previous, but I would of thought that a slow start may just have been expected to be honest with you. Especially when you consider the mass exodus of players and Dave & myself trying our hardest to replace in the best interests of St Blazey Football Club.

Also, as mentioned on a previous post on this subject, let the likes of Liskeard moan on and off the field but dont you think that as a good supporter of St Blazey, your efforts would be more constructive if you remained positive and hopeful for the club and what we are all trying to achieve together? Particulary as, and i'll use Liskeard as an example right now as they were joint favourites for the league in many peoples opinions this season and we at St Blazey were tipped for a relagation battle and a long slog of a season.

Now I dont wish to leave myself wide open for a big fall as there is plenty of football yet to be played but in MY opinion, thats not the direction we are heading in!

So lets keep positive Dan and all stick together at a time when we need to.

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Apologies, Lafs and Chairman. I have become accustomed to seeing us as the best in team Cornwall over the past decade and anything less gets me quite grumpy.

I chose my words badly and once again I offer a full and unreserved apology. People who know me at Blaise Park know there are few more positive and vocal in support than I am.

Here's hoping St Blazey can re-gain their rightful place before long - back at the top of the Cornish football tree.

All the best lafs - believe me, I am behind you all the way (albeit from a distance).

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Guest Peppermint

I see that the Guardian mentioned Lafs in the report on the Blazey/Liskeard game but called him Rafferty and not Phil Lafferty. Thought the Sports Editor, no less, could have got your name correct Phil!

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