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Guest Postie Pidge

Zebedee surely one extra team in division 2 - two more games would be better. As long as they adhere to the rules, I know nine teams is an imbalance but surely it would be worth a go.

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If you had the interest how would you go about setting up a new sunday league team in NALDERS division 2. I no some people who have enough players interested, a pitch sorted and would be reliable financially and would like to set up their own new team but dont know how to get it sorted or how to apply. Any help people?


Come and join the St Austell & Newquay league, we need new teams

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Yeah that is the trouble. Also, sometimes its difficult to get a full squad for a local or home game, it might be near impossible to get to travel to the other side of the county. The two respected leagues work well as they are i think, although it is nice to play away every so often in the Cup i think its best to leave things as they are.

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