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1) Who's for a Prediction league for the Premier Division?

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Anyone up for an official Cornwall Football Forum prediction league this season beginning with the SWPL Premier which kicks off this weekend?

Predict the exact score and win 40 points. It's 10 points for the correct result ( win, loss or draw). The final score is 90 minutes plus stoppage time.

Predictions obviously have to be received in on this forum before the first game of the day's fixturs listed kicks off.

Any questions please ask below, otherwise the first game is below. (One for the other Divisions will start when appropriate).

So we start with :

Friday 5th August (7.30pm)


Cullompton Rangers v Plymouth Argyle Reserves

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SWPL Premier Division Prediction League 2016-17 (after game 6th Aug 2016)

leedsunited        40
magpie291        40
Marksy            40
100%cornish        10
baldy            10
Bobjfh            10
Chris Davey        10
Dave Deacon        10
Davegrose        10
JENGLE            10
S Abbo            10
Turnip Ted        10
cornishlegend        0
Humpfry        0
Jamesy7        0
Mike Odgers        0
r2000            0

Obviously people can still join in with predictions starting from the next day's game.

Probably easiest if we say the thread will be locked 2 hours before the earliest kick off time.

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