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Prediction League Placings up to 03/11/07

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What a difficult bunch of matches to get right! - Throw that form book out of the window and just make a wild guess, you certainly won't be far wrong :yahoo:

1st +1 JB 37 of 62 59.67% no predictions - New leader!

2nd -1 Gary 93 of 156 59.61% 3/8

3rd = SF 86 of 148 58.10% 3/8

4th = DB 89 of 157 56.67% 2/8

5th = JTB 85 of 153 55.55% 3/8

6th = Paul 77 of 143 53.84% 4/8

7th +2 MO 78 of 149 52.34% no predictions

8th +2 Stig 76 of 147 51.70% 4/8

9th -2 KM 76 of 148 51.35% 2/8

10th -2 Ian 74 of 145 51.03% 2/8

11th +1 CT 30 of 59 50.84% no predictions

12th -1 Porker 71 of 140 50.71% 3/8

13th = ECPL 61 of 125 48.80% 4/8

14th = PP 71 of 153 46.40% 2/8

15th = Whitehot 2 of 8 25.00% 2/8 :clapper:

New Member joining - Welcome Whitehot!

Looks like the ones who didn't predict, made the biggest moves upwards due to a very poor week - So much for current form etc!

If you can guys, please try and get your predictions in each time, then we can see how good you really are!


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I take it i am top kernowman.

sorry i could not do any predictions this last week, but moving house.

Hi Johnnie - No sweat really. Sorry I didn't know you were moving house, and I may have to consider some form of 'penalty' similiar to what STIG has suggested, but nothing as yet, but I will be 'investigating' it!

Perhaps if members could perhaps give me a 'heads up' if they plan to be away for a number of weeks or so, it would be appreciated.

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Guest Postie Pidge

Could always give me a point or two so I can start climbing. Only a newbie is keeping me off the bottom. Getting that feeling with Frogpool is bad enough without being bottom of this as well

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I just want to get to 50%. I must admit predicting has been very strange this season, what with the two leagues joining together there is no real form being shown by any team.

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I just want to get to 50%. I must admit predicting has been very strange this season

I totally agree ECPL, I think somewhere over 50% would be considered a success, and maybe there will be someone who will creep over the 60% mark, but predictability is almost impossible due to the fact that teams completely defy their recent form and 'pull off' a result against all expectations.

Many of the teams must play very inconsistantly and no sooner do you think they are playing well they take their eye of the ball (no pun intended) and seem to throw away matches and conceed a number of calls in as many minutes.

Anyway, keep on 'guessing' - I think I will rename this league to the 'Guessing League' :D

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