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Saturday 30th July - Saltash United vs Buckland Athletic

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Saltash 6-2 Buckland

Great afternoon watching the Ashes, 1-0 down and 4 goals put away before half time - not sure how many minutes it was to get the four but a great spell.

Second half: outside the other goals (2 for Saltash, 1 for Buckland), the Ashes keeper saved a penalty.

One more friendly to go before what I call the real stuff starting next week - encouraging stuff these last two weeks from the Ashes, passion from the players was evident today. What it means for the season -  who knows as all clubs will be warming up in there own way, when you see your side winning though like they have these last two weeks, as a fan it gives you confidence and hope. A pleasure to watch today and proud of the players.

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