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Vets results 4/11/07

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great result for the hoops tonight weeman.just spoke to the bro in law,hes lost his voice!! enjoyed it though.not the same watching it on sky!!! good result sunday,sorry i couldnt make it.hopefully see you this week mate? did you play on the pool school pitch?? cheers al :yahoo::thumbsup: :drink:

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Yeh i was delighted with win mate we were bit crap in first half but well deserved win in second half display tackle on Brown was shocker Mc Geady getting better all the time, squeaky bum time when only one up but three welcome points.

The vets game was played on the astro turf first time for me we went two down after 15 min and Trevensson were playing good football through the middle tearing us apart Tiffer went in middle playing 3-5-2 and made all the differance we got back in game Trath scored from corner half time was 2-1 to them if my memory serves me right this week second half i hit another of them passes from the back like one to you only better (ha ha) Trath controlled it bang 2-2 then we went behind again but showed great team spirit came back again that man Trathen got number three and Gis went round defender about six minutes from time on the break and slotted it passed the keeper for win.

Great for us but very unlucky for Trevensson they deserved a draw at least the way they played. :drink::drink::drink::drink::drink::drink::drink: see you sat mate home to Downderry.

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