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Illogan v Helston Friendly Tonight

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Illogan 1 Helston 2

Decent game played for a friendly just a shame the pitch was & is a bit to small but looked good all the same at college.  Was impressed with both teams at times,  Illogan could of scored a couple early on & but for a couple of decent saves by Barry, maybe could of been 2 up.  Spud missed a chance for Helston to slot under the keeper again at 0-0 before Illogan took the lead around about the 20th minute (pure guess) i believe the lad was called Myers again apologies if wrong. Stu P was very good for Illogan but did miss an interception (oooops) to allow Spud to repeat his first attempt at sliding the ball under the keeper this time it went in. 1-1  HT.  Second half Illogan rattled the cross bar twice & Helston could of had a hat full but it was Stidwell who had the only goal for Helston to win 2-1.  Illogan with this team will fair much better than last years fiasco & I'm sure Mikey will sleep slightly better. As for Helston i don't have a clue really about them but I'm looking forward to watching them this season & delighted to see Spud up & running with a goal (biased no chance):thumbsup:

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