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Vacancies - Players/Team Needed

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There is a tournament (which has previously been advertised on here) in Truro every Thursday evening over the off season, running until early August 

We are currently 5/9 weeks in and I've had a team drop out. Normally this wouldn't be a massive issue but as teams are playing 2 x 30 minute games a night it plays havoc with the fixtures; I want to try and avoid friendlies with players from other teams if possible.

There is a few additional players who are looking to create a squad but aren't quite able to raise 6 players each week. If you're interested please get in contact slftruro@gmail.com and I can pass on your details to others so you can form a team. Alternatively, if you and your team would like to get involved please let me know.

  • 6 A Side
  • 2 x 30 minute matches
  • The Sir Ben Ainslie Sports Centre (Truro School)
  • £30/team (£2.50/match for a team of 6)
  • 19:00-21:00

Any questions, please get in contact.

Many thanks,





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