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Sticker v AFC St Austell


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Sticker 0 - St Austell 5 (2)

Watched this game live on Facebook. St Austell looked good, missed quite a few chances but worthy winners. Sticker penetrated the defence on multiple occasions, forcing the St Austell goalkeeper into making no less than 4 one-on-one saves. If it weren't for him, this game could have been so much closer!!


Great coverage by the lads on the channel. They're going around the county live streaming various games, 26th being the next one between St Austell and Marjong. Search "Cornwall Channel" on Facebook and you'll find them.


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17 minutes ago, razor61 said:

Dange'rous young fellow, Not being padantic but it was Sticker v St Austell at Burngullow Park and I agree Jason Chapman in goal did make some crucial saves but St Austell were worthy winners and looking very strong for the coming season!


Thanks Razor, amended my original post to reflect Sticker were at home, can't edit the thread title I'm afraid.

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