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Would have thought the likes of Torpoint, Saltash, Tavistock will be there challenging as per usual and also St Austell.

Dark horses for me are going to be St Dominick. Two very good managers in the dugout there who are locally very well known and judging by some of the signings they have already made, they have to be taken seriously.

Bere Alston are always good for an upset and if they can have consistency in their locker, then they could be in with a shout.

Looking forward to getting around all the grounds this season to watch every team and wish all Managers/Clubs the best for the coming season.


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Its going to be a great season in the ECPL. 

Changes at Torpoint, Saltash, St Dom, well pretty much every team in the league to be honest. 

The newly promoted sides will be strong just like Borough where last season. 

Polperro did well last season and so did Tavistock. 

Bere Alston had a great start to the season and then a slight dip, like Teflon said if they can stay consistent then they will be up there. 

I can't wait and wouldn't even know who to suggest would be 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Maybe a surprise package for the title. 


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The league hasn't been as strong as it has been in recent seasons, take nothing away from Toropoint who have ran away with it the last two years and previously. When it was really strong with the likes of Parkway, St Dennis & Sticker that was tough. We should see a return to those great battles in the next couple of seasons with the likes of Parkway rejoining, St Austell, St Blazey, Elburton then you still have your Tavistock's and Saltash etc. Clubs who can't get promoted but have the facilities to attract the best players. It's great to see 'lesser' clubs, and by lesser I mean those without established SWPL Prem teams pick their way through as St Dennis, Godolphin & others have done. If Polperro can start their season like they played the last 2/3 of it then they can win it, but as it stands it's Torpoints to lose. They lose players every year, and every year they still turn out a formidable squad. A big loss to local football is Edgcumbe although they still have a Duchy side. Reading their FB posts recently, if not for facilities (lack of) then they were surely the next St Dennis, Sticker, even Godolphin. As said, St Dominick could be a natural replacement as long as all those new signings have some longevity within them. One thing is for sure, the ECPL should return to its former strength soon, but for the time being Torpoint are red hot favourites to win it 3 years on the trot.

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16 hours ago, unitedrhino said:

Cornish legend

With players that want to win, a little disrespectful of last year's players, don't you think?

the table hasnt lied. i dont mean it in a negative way as the lads there the last few season done very well to stay positive and keep going in tough times. but with a couple. changes and new ideas a few players that have been there won will make a big difference this year. hats off to you baters you done a fantastic job in keeping the club going. nanpean has got to be one of the best club in east cornwall. 


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