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Why in the F A Vase did these SWPL Premier clubs NOT apply


9 minutes ago, Willow Tree said:

They applied and have the facilities. Points per game in equal standing leagues plays a part as to the number of participants.

Yes these days there is maximum number of clubs to accept  into the F.A cup and the cut off point is in Step 6 (SWPL (P)-so The F A look at all National Step 6 Leagues and select the clubs with the highes Points per game ratio to top up to the Max.

If you finish in the top 3  clubs will be automatically accepted as long as their grounds meet the standard criteria.

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12 hours ago, CSPtony said:

Blazey are terrible so it makes sense to not embarrass the club and put them in anyway. Good decision.

What a stupid comment. So in the F.A cup you might as well start this year with the semi finals because everyone outside the top 4 in the premiership are rubbish. 

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1 hour ago, Dave Deacon said:

Although one could still spin that around and say it confirms the FA are definitely no longer interested in football at this level! ? 

Why should they be interested? The league is static and stale, I did say it was coming but keep getting told I am boring , you ain't seen nothing yet.

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25 minutes ago, leedsunited said:

You cant compare St.Blazey to top 12 in the Swpl Paul, let alone the top 4 in the Premier League!! :yahoo:

Boom! Shame as we all know 10 years ago they used to be decent. I can see them flirting with relegation again this year.

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