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Referee required for friendlies

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Not really sijames, two of the games are against trelawney league sides and one is against mousehole firsts so may need a more experienced ref for that one....

thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated but can I ask you to ring me on the number above at a time to suit you as I do not know all of your details.....many thanks...

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7 hours ago, Sijames said:

I thought you had to have a qualified official for the highest playing team,I.e your firsts=combination=level 5 referee?

No, because level 6's can officiate at combination level (line at SWPL), level 5's can do SWPL etc. I can officiate Combo, but not SWPLfor example (as I've just had verified by the RDO).


Edit: As pointed out below, must have passed the fitness test.

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To be absolutely correct you need to be a level 5 referee who has passed the fitness test to be on the Combination league list. Level 6 referees that have applied for promotion are given Combination games as part of the assessment process, then if there is still a shortage it is filled by other level 5s (although some get more than others). Therefore level 5 referees who for some reason cannot undertake the fitness test (held @ Par) end up with mostly junior games. The original requirement for Combination League was simply the attainment of Level 5.

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