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Guest David P

My name is David Peters

I am Chairman of Falmouth Albion :thumbsup:

I am 61 retired from Royal mail 3 years ago after 41 years service. :yahoo:

Hobbies: 1960s music, I managed a group in 1966, who recorded with the Legendary Joe Meek, family history and falmouth Albion.

My club have had a very succesful season, with many trophys, and with a very youthful squad, we can only get better, which is good for Cornish Soccer :c:

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name martin mcphilbin but everyone knows me as mac

club i currntly manage mawgan united i played for mawgan and also have had a couple of years at helston

team i am a big manchester united fan (a real fan from the stretford end) :thumbsup:

home i live in helston (it is paradise compared to the shit hole i come from) :c:

likes united :clapper:

dislikes liverpool :angry2:

fav players paul scholes wayne rooney

fav older players bryan robson roy keane

family i live with steph and the kids regan, kegan and courtney

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My username is Bozman1 and thats how you will know me (many of you will know me personally - it is not a secret).

Just in case you doubt it, I was born in & lived all my life in Cornwall.

Without question I am passionate about Cornish Football.

I appreciate the success that some of our sides have managed over the years (St Blazey, Porthleven, Bodmin, Newquay, Falmouth Town, Saltash, Liskeard & Penryn Athletic) even though my support is committed to just one of these (with a slight allegiance with one or two of the others!).

Through work & other committments I have been very slack with the ammount of games I have been to recently (This I aim to put right in 07/08) but my heart is still in the right place.


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Guest Gulvals No1

NAME: Rob Gall aka Gallers

CLUB: Gulval afc ( current 2nd Team skipper )

LIKES: Man utd passionately !!!!!!!! listening to coopsie blow his own trumpet ;)

DISLIKES: Liverpool fc and losing

OCCUPATION : Mason for a firm in Penzance

HOBBIES: football, my kids, buffs!!!

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user name : jollyman

name : carl jolly

Location : live work and play in Newquay (current 2nd team player manager) but come from Manchester.

Likes : Man united

Loves : My wife Mandie and two kids - Jordanne & Max plus all our animals !

Best ever player : Arnold Muhren, Roy Keane

Ambition ; born in 74 my playing days are running out but before I hang up my boots want to help re-establish Newquay as a top cornish club again that is at the heart of Newquay's community. A family club; happy and successful.

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Username - Matchu78

Real Name - Matt Osborn

Club ( supported ) - Liverpool Fc

Club ( plays for ) - Storm FC ( also club secretary )

Likes - Living the dream every Saturday afternoon ! ( then reliving the dream every Saturday night! ),

Loves - Football, Anfield, My Wife, and having fun.

I have 5 good years of football left in that time I want to establish Storm as a senior side ( last season injuries and some interesting decisions wrecked our dream ).

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Real name- Scott Craze

Teams supported- Liverpool and Truro

Teams Played for- Retired due to torn cruciates

Interests football, cricket, champ man

Job- journalism

Origins- lived in Southampton but parents both Cornish

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USERNAME - Greyhound

REAL NAME - Anthony Morley

Born - Ilford, Essex Boy!

Team supported - Spurs

Teams Played for - Perranwell, currently Helston

fav players - old- Gary Lineker, new - Robbie Keane

Shirt Number - 9 (of course)

Interests - Obviously Football, squash & taking my 2 greyhounds for a run.

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USERNAME: Willser ! :drink:

REAL NAME: Marcus Wills

CLUB: Polperro AFC

FORMER CLUBS: Dobwalls and Looe

SUPPORT: Plymouth Argyle of course ! ! !

LIKES: Football!, Beer, Lager, Cider, Vodka, all mixed into one messy saturday ! ! !

DISLIKES: Man U, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool ! !

OCCUPATION: Some sort of Engineer in Fine Tubes, Plymouth !

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Username: C.n.b. No 9

Real name: Ryan Hooper

Football club: I play a newly formed club,named the cornish new boys who have just bin entered into mining 3!

Pro team: the mighty blues from stamford bridge.

Interests: when im not playin or training, im up in london or any other ground in the country following chelsea love it!!!

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Guest Andrew Lilly

NAME - Andrew Lilly

CLUB - Gloweth United FC

LEAGUE - Nalders West Cornwall Sunday Football League

POSITION - Player/Manager, more of a manager than a player due to being slower than a snail

FAVE CLUB - Liverpool FC - Check out the new stadium AWSOME!!

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Guest Cornishdave1980

Username: Cornishdave1980

Real Name: Dave Price

Location: Cyprus

Job: Royal Air Force

Football: Played a for a few teams in the Fal Hel leagues before joining RAF, had a 3 year spell at St Mawgan which allowed me to play for Roche ECPL and work as part of the coaching staff at Falmouth Town Combo(some might remember as the dodgy linesman for Town). Now run a youth development program in Cyprus for the local kids.

Hobbies: Football, Coaching, sun bathing, Fantasy Football and Texas Poker.


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Guest el nino

User Name - El Nino

Name - Damon Walters

Clubs - Caharrack and Gloweth

Position - Centre Mid/ Right back

Fave Club - ManUtd

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Guest Marq

Name - Marq

Real name - Marq O'Hare

Occupation - Operational Manager. For complaints. lol and Musician

Location - Middlesbrough

Support - Dont really have one. Moved around so much in my life it got confusing. lol

just love football :)

Got interested in cornish soccer through my girlfriend :D who lives there and is on here. : )

I'll let you work that one out. lol

Ive never used anything like this before so if i make a mess sorry. lol

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Guest RedDel

Username RedDel

Realname Derek Cherry

Football Just taken over as Football Secretary at Newquay AFC so this year is a steep learning curve. Played for my village as a lad in the Cheltenham League and lots of different RAF Stations in local leagues.

Work Was in the RAF for 22 years as an mechanical engineering technician. Have worked for SWW for the last 15 years as a Water Treatment Operator.

Team Support Man Utd.

Family My wife helps run the canteen at Newquay. My daughter Amanda works in the clubhouse and with my son Chris at the Mermaid

Hobbies Play darts for the Mermaid (also sectretary of the crantock darts league), computers, photography, golf but never seem to get time to play, would like to do more :drink: but shift work gets in the way.

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Guest newquay ugly

Newquay Ugly aka Rob hartill

undertaker by profession

enjoy sport of all descriptions

involved with newquay fc, in various roles over the years, though not at present.

(ex programme editor, assistant groundsman, dogsbody, trainer Newquay ladies and committee member, )

dedicated wolves fan

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Guest postman pat

username:- Postman Pat

realname:- Martin Eddy

job :- Postman 22 years

playing career :- mainly holmans but happy times at illogan and st.day

chairman Titans f.c where 3 of my sons play, lino holmans where my 4th son plays

hobbies:- football,football,football where ever my sons are playing.use to run a bit but have not got the time now.

qaulified ref and level 1 coach, hate players giving officials stick

support:-PLYMOUTH ARGYLE watch whenever i can

:drink::clapper::thumbsup: :yahoo:

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Guest tom@white tigers

User name: tom@white tigers

Real name: Tom Howe

Football: Big Spurs fan, locally i support the mighty Truro City

Hobbies: Football, swimming, music, video games

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Hi my real name:Shane Buckingham, currently player/manager Roche F.C (Duchy League), live at St.Dennis,played for various Junior clubs over the years, still going(just) at 38, mainly sub/linesman at mo,bones are starting to creak! Probably catch me at clubhouse on Saturdays, usually pissed and home by 10pm, married to Carol and have two wonderful daughters,Louise and Megan.Also work for May Gurney as a Customer Liasion Officer. Also support Liverpool

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Username: Pablo

Real name: Pablo Martyn

Sorry this is late all. Anyway, for what it's worth; I am the webmaster for Bodmin Saints FC. Ty Martyn, club chairman is my eldest son.

My footballing days began late. I played in the Grosvenor league in Southall, West London in the mid and late sixties. I played for various village teams in Dorset and Somerset in the mid seventies and at one time was on the books at Ilminster Town. I played as a winger and a keeper; although I did once score seven in a match for St Lawrences FC in Bodmin. Some of you may remember the pitch at the hospital. If you stood at the goal-line nearest Westheath Avenue you could just see the crossbar at the other end of the pitch. It was like playing Subbuteo on a wonky table.

I played for the Mason's Arms of Bodmin as regular keeper and once turned up for a match after just leaving a very long party. It was a nine am k.o. too. I had a good game apparently and sang almost as well. I was a regular darts player for the Masons and once played with a broken hand. I just numbed the pain.

I played super-league pool for the liberal club in Penzance in the early seventies. I have played pool in various counties, including Lincolnshire and West Sussex, where I am now I have played and beaten various county players but have never represented a county mself, unfortunately. Oh well, never mind.

Anyway, I am a postman in Horsham. I've written two Cornish novels; both of the humour genre and a Supernatural Western. I write serious and humerous poetry (I believe I have a poem at the Alamo in Texas) and I write short stories. Ahhh, there's another one just finished!

Good to meet everyone.


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Guest rower

Name: Anthony

Location: Truro

Folows: Truro City

Job: Work for the County Council at Threemilestone in a converted shed!

Plays: Don't, not fit enough to last 30 mins, let alone a match. :)

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Guest Ronin

About time I did my bit on here I suppose... :)

User name: Ronin

Real name: Samantha Boston

Football: First aid/massage at St Day FC, coach youth football, played ladies football at Goonhavern a few years back.

Follow: Life-long supporter of Man Utd due to being born there. Locally I follow St Day (obviously) & Perranporth

About me: Studying a Sports Performance and Coaching degree at Truro College which makes my kids laugh cos I've got more homework than they have!

Claim to fame: Appearing on the Weakest Link 3 years ago - made it to the 4th round!

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name alan metters

club goldphin

position club coach and physo

fav club well a football supporter its man utd but have to give arsenal credit

and stopped playing 2 stone ago but footballs in my blood

ambition to improve and take godolphin as far as we can

duty is to pass on all iv been taught and learnt from some fantastic guys and manager/coaches

non of us have invented football but its a game we love and to improve it we can all work together to pass on the knowledge which has been passed on to us

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Guest mezza-tms


Real Name - Andrew Merrifield

Location- Truro

Plays for- Threemilestone Fc

Intrests- 6aside, arsenal! hating spurs, and havin partys!

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User name: Jasa

Real name: Jason Peters

Age: 21

Football: Currently play for Wendron after having spells at both Truro City winning the Southern League and Probus East Cornwall & Duchy League sides.

Follow: Plymouth Argyle

About me: Work as an accounts adminstrator for a Manufacturing company.

Interests: Football, and alot of it!!

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Username: Gareth

Real Name: Gareth Edwards

Location: Camborne

Team Playing for (use the term playing loosely): Holmans

Team Supported: Liverpool

Fav Player: Steven!

Other: I am the creator and updater of the holmans website (again the term updater can be interpreted loosely) I work (again the term work can be interpreted loosely) for the county council.

Visit the Holmans Website



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Guest Brentford Fan

Morning all.

Came across this site as I was looking for a JCC table.

Have visited your part of the world on several occasions including several years back when Brentford played a pre season friendly at Truro.

The last time I went to a game in the area was for a game between St. Ives and Hayle res at The Saltings so that is why I look out for their results.

Can anyone direct me to the Jolly's site where I can stay in touch with events in the League or is it best to stay on here.

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Name: John Rodney Beer

Born: St Just

Love: St Just

Ashes to be strewn in: St Just

Place of Exile: Truro

Job: Faculty Head, A levels and Creative Arts, Cornwall College,St Austell.

Profession: Tewster

Vocation: Poet and Subversive

Obsession: The Tinners

Idols: Keats, John the Baptist, Leonard Cohen, Mourinho, Jack Strick, Shakespeare.

Supports: St Just, Chelsea, Nuneaton Borough, anybody playing against England, St Just, St Just.

Family: Human, feline, canine .... large, beautiful, entirely female.

"The innocent and the beautiful/Have no enemy but time."

Friends: Who needs'em ?

Hobbies: None. "The intellect of Man is forced to choose/Perfection of the life, or of the work."

" Radix malorum est cupiditas. I walked into an avalanche....the rest is silence."

Pseudonym: Isaac Rosenberg.

Rosenberg was an outsider and a minor poet who died in the First World War, but whose passing was hardly noticed alongside moreel;ebrated contemporaries. His understated poetic craftsmanship has worn better than Sassoon, Graves or Brooke and still communicates nearly a century later. Being Jewish, like Christ,he anticipated later persecutions.

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Guest jumpersforgoalposts

Name: David Hoyles

Club: Haven't got one...but i follow St. Just.

Supports: Liverpool

Greatest sporting achievment: Playing for willow Tree School in the Merseyside Cup Final at Anfield followed By Playing The Barnet Shieldhouse Cup Final for St. Helens with my brother Jon at Goodison Park, apart fom the truro boys...who can beat that?

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Real name :

Neil Pitt (spent a long time thinking of my username!!!)

Football Club:

Holmans :drink:

Famous ginger people you know:

My brother Gareth who plays (occasionally)for Illogan's combination side when not warming the bench (aka Gee):D

Current Club:

Player & Club Secretary of Holmans

Previous Clubs:

Mainly played Junior football at Holmans,Illogan,Culdrose and Penryn and Blue Heron in the yeovil and district league. A brief enjoyable 2 season flirtation with senior football with Culdrose in 2000 and Porthleven in 2001. Represented various ships and establishments during my navy career including playing for a dutch ship against a spanish side (good language barrier that one!!!!!)


Dunn cup winner, Barker bowl winner, Percy stephens cup winner, Sunday county cup winner. Fal/Helston league 2 winner. Combination Supp cup runner up. Navy cup runner up. :thumbsup:

Favourite moment in football: Beating local rivals Illogan in Dunn Cup final in a thrilling extra time played match

Biggest regret:

Not being thinner and quicker!!! and never having a good stab at the junior cup :(

Hobbies :

Apart from spending as much quality time as possible with my wife and two young daughters the rest of my week is spent with my ear glued to the phone attempting to get at least a bare 11 players for saturday afternoons. Oh yes and I have to work occasionaly for the Royal Navy to pay the bills :clapper:

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Name Pick from the follwing Dean, Deano, shag, scrappy

Interests Football, ladies and booze

Supports Brentford and Man U

Fav Player George Weah, Batistuta, Juninho, Best, Giggs and C.Ronaldo to name a few

Lives Falmouth

Plays for Falmouth Athletic Saturdays and TMS Sundays

Occupation Stockbroker

Fav Quote I dont know about you but I only live once and intend to enjoy myself !!! Quote of the day ''I spend my money on alcohol, fast cars and women. The rest I squandered'' George Best

Reminds me of myself lol

Have fun peps

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Haven't done this yet so about time I did it:

Real Name: Alastair Woodman

Occupation: Secondary School Teacher

Location: Camborne (formally Grampound)

Teams playing for: Grampound - Duchy 2/5, Team Handsome/Panthers at Premier Sixes, looking for a Sunday team near me for next season

Likes: Football, nights out, poker, films, Pro Evolution, Championship Manager, gym and more football

Dislikes: Sprouts

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Guest Sport Lover

My User Name: Sport Lover

My Real Name: Dominic Chatfield

Team I Play For: I dont I play hockey and Table Tennis son plays for Mousehole

Position I Play: CH

Hates & Loves: Moaning over paid football players in every level. Hate losing and Playing Bad

Hobbies, Photography, motorbikes, hockey and table tennis. Am the manager of Cornwall Senior mens team, Played for Cornwall for 24 years.

Team I Support: QPR

Job - Driving instructor but giving that up in 2 weeks, photographer and shop owner.

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Guest Gloworm

Username: Gloworm

Football: I support Bristol City and live between Swindon and Oxford, but my family are very cornish and I follow cornish football results. I love it when a Cornish team does well and was very pleased when Truro won at Wembley. I haven't picked a team to follow yet, but I'm visiting Cornwall for a few days in April so I might make up my mind then. I'm also a football grounds enthusiast.

Hobbies : Football, football grounds, cricket, cycling and visiting Cornwall.

How I'm related to Cornwall: Grandad is from west Cornwall and my parents used to take me to St Ives every summer as a child. I've continued this as a teenager, but we've sold our holiday home in St Ives now, but it hasn't stopped my annual visits. Hopefully I will make it to a Cornish football match one day!

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Display Name: FATSO!

Real Name : Dave Price

Club: Storm FC

Previous Clubs: Illogan, Spice, Trevenson and a load of Youth clubs including Bedford Town U21.

Occupation: College Tutor

Location: Camborne ish

Supports: Bolton Wanderers.

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Guest Slush

Username: Slush

Real Name: Richard Lusmore

Location: Easington, East Riding of Yorkshire (2 miles from Spurn Point - "the end of the world")

Football interests: General manager of Easington United, currently in the Humber Premier League (FA Supply League) with ambitions to go much higher. Check us out at www.easington-united.co.uk and on various "groundhopper" sites (Football Grounds In Focus, Pyramid Passion etc); Playing days limited to end of season memorial games - then don't walk for a week!

Also support the mighty Tigers of Hull City - possibly Premiership bound??!!

Interest in Cornish football stems from family history in Millbrook where my ancestors at one time ran the Mark of Friendship Inn (the original one not the one called that now!) - enjoying the current debate on the management issue there!

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Guest James84

Hello I'm James.

I now live on the wrong side of the Tamar!!!

I watched Porthleven play as a kid and played youth football with a team in St Agnes.

I now live in Plymouth but keep updated with Port, Truro etc.

Just discovered the site!

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INTERESTS: I played rugby for Bodmin for ten years before getting injured and then returning to the wonderful game of football.Oh and i love to get wrecked at the weekend.

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Guest Penzance Puma

Username: Penzance Puma

Real Name: Gaz Wheat

Football: I`m involved with Penzance Pumas Youth Football Club, the team my boy plays for. I run the official website www.penzancepumas.com. Penzance Pumas are a group of U9 boys from around the Penzance and West Cornwall area. The club is non profit making and run by the players parents for the players with the exception of Niki Ellis, the manager, who does not have a child in the team.

The Pumas were formed in September 2007 and have played incredibly well together ever since. They train every Tuesday evening at Alverton Youth FC, The Coombes, Newlyn.

Other hobbies: Running around after the kids, drinking whenever I can (not as often as I would like)

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Username. Jamo

Real Name. Mark James

Job. Meter Reader for Southern Electric

Football. retired this season after serious injuries in the past catching up with me although did come back to help my good friends at Wendron last season in goal for part of the season in the South West Peninsula League, past clubs are Holmans, Falmouth Town, Newquay, Illogan and St Agnes.

still involved hopefully with Wendron this year as the trusty Physio lol, its good to be involved still as wouldnt know what to do on spare saturday afternoons!

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Guest zimbo

Nickname Zimbo(due to my dark tan)

Name Mike Balme

Clubs Truro City(early 90s), Perranporth, Penzance, St Newlyn East

Now 38, a bit unfit and slow. Recently taken over as St Blazey Ladies new manager, which is different.

A challenge which i am relishing.

A big Man U fan,

Dislikes People who cheat, Arsenal,Arsenal, Rude people, Liverpool,

Job Taxi driver in truro

Always try your best, never give up


QUITTERS NEVER WIN :yahoo: :drink:

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Username: Speedy Gonzales

Real Name: Jake Harvey

Location: Mabe nr Falmouth

Job: Forklift Driver

Football:At the minute i play for Perranwell

Hobbies:Boxing,weightlifting my missus tehe,and Arsenal.

most importantly my little boy Archie :D


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