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trouble in the duchy league

Guest Charley

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Guest Charley

Unpleasant Incidents on Saturday 20th October

We were sorry to receive reports of two incident packed games last

Saturday, but unfortunately both were full of the wrong kind of

incident. The Altarnun v Dobwalls Jeffery's Cup game turned into a match

where allegations of much bad language to the referee by players,

officials and supporters of the visiting side, and counter reports from

Dobwalls to the attitude and performance of the referee were made.

Reports have been received from both parties and they are now subject to

the County Disciplinary Committee's findings. I have spoken to both

parties and do understand the frustration felt on both sides of the

argument. I will only say that I have discussed this with the County

Football Secretary and he has confirmed that Cornwall FA will be

following the recent directive from the Football Association that clubs

will be informed that the only person that can question the referee will

be the captain of the side. I believe this will be notified to clubs in

the near future. Given the number of incidents that come to my

attention, this will be a very interesting and challenging directive to


Of even greater concern was the chaos at the Pelynt Reserves versus

Grampound Reserves Division Five match. This turned into a brawl after a

nasty injury to a player and again whilst not prejudging the incident,

this kind of behaviour cannot be tolerated. This incident was so serious

that the referee in question has had considerable trouble in putting

together his report. I am reliably informed that up to six players from

one side could have been sent from the field of play causing him to

abandon the match.

Both of these matches are subject to the disciplinary committee of the

County Football Association. The Duchy League cannot be involved in

either incident until after the County take what they consider is the

appropriate actions. There is a possibility that a number of players

from these two matches face heavy punishments. The Duchy League will

fully support any actions taken by our County Association and will then

consider our own position.

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Of course it`s the referee`s fault, who else would cause a nasty injury to a player and then start a brawl involving numerous players and pray since when has any fine for misconduct lined the pockets of any league. But then of course I am forgetting thats it`s us referee`s who are a disgrace to the game of football.

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Personally i think the ref who did the grampound vs pelynt game did an excellent job

i thought he handle it very well, its not the ref's fault that it all kicked off

as a player you might not always get the decision going your way and yes it is annoying but their job is very hard and something i couldnt do

just remember without them, their won't be any games to play

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:clapper: Yes well said, without them we wouldnt have a game,ive heard that a million times, sometimes it would be better not to play the game with disgraceful refs, it just causes a lot of trouble.thats my opinion and its called free speech :ninja:

And sometimes it would be better not to play a game with disgraceful players, after all its them who fight not the ref. :P

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