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How to add an Avatar to your Username/Posting

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After receiving a couple of emails on how to add an Avatar (Little picture) to your Username so that every time you make a posting you have a little visual indentification next to your name.

Firstly click on `My Controls` which is up the top of the page to the right this will bring you to your control panel here you can add contact information etc etc.

Now in the `Personal Profile` section on the left hand side of the page Click on `Edit Avatar Settings` in here you will now be able to upload an avatar of your choice.

You can find avatars from here : http://www.avatarity.com/ OR http://www.avatarist.com/ OR desing your own, try and keep them a resonable size visually, dont want them taking up all the space! :thumbsup:


For anyone wanting to add another pic, this time to their User Profile (Which shows up when a member clicks on your Username), In your user profile on the left hand side column one below `Edit Avatar Settings` there is an option called `Change Personal Photo` Here you can upload another picture.

Hope this helps Paparazzi :clapper:

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