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This may seem a little on the stupid side BUT does Wenger make players look better than what they actually are?. I don't exactly have much to base this question on BUT when Viera was at Arsenal he was quite simply magnificent BUT since he went to Italy (and YES I have seen him quite a bit), he's been ordinary at best.

We all saw what Henry was like and what he could do whilst at Arsenal but from what I've seen of him so far at Barcelona and especially from what i saw from him last night against Rangers, he looks like half the player that he was.

Is this all down to Wenger?.

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swings and round abouts really

jeffers, wiltord, and eduardo are rubbish and his wand is not working


henry, viera, petit, overmars, toure etc are amazing for wenger not so amazing afterwards

what is everyone top arsenal team over last 10 yrs ?????


mine would be somthing like this


dixon adams toure cole

Overmars Viera Pires

Dennis the great

Henry I.Wright

mite have missed one or two though


winner may get two tickets to see the gunners against chelsea later on in season

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Arsene Wenger is the only current manager that I know that consistently picks up players who nobody else has heard of for next to nothing and after a couple of years they are up their with the best of them. Look at the young players they have in the team at the moment who were virtually unheard of before joining the Arsenal Bacary Sagna,Kolo Toure,Nicklas Bendtner,Abou Diaby,Emmanuel Eboue,Robin Van Persie,Cesc Fabregas, etc the list could go on and on. He must have a great scouting team behind the scenes to pick out these players out from the rest before any other team signs them. And he never seems in a rush to bring the young players into the 1st team look at Theo Walcott for example after he signed admittedly he did play a couple of 1st team games mainly as a sub, but for the majority of the 1st season he placed him in the reserves. Thus building up his overall fitness and strength and giving the young lad a chance to get use to the Premier Leagues physical aspect of the game thus not destroying his confidence and now we are beginning to see the results of this after coming on as sub against Bolton on Saturday and set up the 2 goals and then bracing a couple himself last night though admittedly it should have been a hat trick. So to answer coopsie question is Arsene Wenger a magician he’s a close to one as any other manager that I know of.

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