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NO - England will not qualify for Euro2008

YES - They have blown their chances

To have to rely on Israel taking points off Russia is a sad position to be in. It's possible but, to be honest, I can't see it happening.

As soon as it is confirmed that we have failed to qualify McLaren will, and should, get the sack.

However, our problems are much more deep rooted than the mangers and coaches we have in place at any particular time. English players are simply not technically good enough and this has been highlighted time after time, tournament after tournament, failure after failure.

We have no more than 3 world class players... Rooney, Gerrard and Owen... that's it. And the sooner we realise that, the better!

The trouble is, we as a nation, are too arrogant and pig-headed to admit it. The "we invented football" scenario is wearing a bit thin now. We have no divine right to win any game... we need to start realising that, and fast.

Kids are not coached properly from the 'golden age' of 7 through to 11. That is when they learn their technique and it sticks with them forever. But, more importantly, kids just simply are not playing the game as much. They're not out in the parks and lanes practising their skills... they're sat on their asses watching the so called stars on tv, or simulating their skills on the playstation!! Harry Redknapp was spot on when he made those same comments.

England will get nowhere near winning a tournament for at least 20 years!!

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Guest Peppermint

I did not know you were Scottish Anita!!!!

Why should we the English be so excited about Scotland qualifying and I do not think they will because Italy will beat them.

Engalnd get no support from Scottish fans and it is totally opposite they hope whoever England plays beats them so why should we be supporting Scotland - I certainly will not.

Reading Jon's comments are a bit depressing although a lot of it is true. In some cases some boys are overcoached and some little bits of individual skills are coached out of them. I know this happens in lots of sports.

The other thing about boys football is the interference of parents at matches and some of the things said are not condusive to football.

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Pushy parents are a problem Peppermint. Watching their kids through rose-tinted glasses happens all the time... but you're always going to get that I'm afraid.

I'd like to see schools play more 'competitive' games and introduce some structure within the school curriculum. School football is a shambles at the moment.

I'm all for 'non-competitive' mini-soccer at primary school age, but that needs to be backed by decent coaching and, like you say, not over-coaching. "Let the game be the teacher" is used all the time at Level 1 coaching level and for mini-soccer... The 'coaching' needs to focus on technique, technique and technique!!

It's amazing how many 12 year-olds can't control the ball properly, address the ball properly, use the correct body shape or pass the ball 10 yards with the inside of their foot. You have to learn that at 7, 8 and 9.

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Guest Cornishdave1980

England definately not! once again no plan B

Anita you said yes for Scotland, you are aware they have to beat Italy in their last game?

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