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I've been looking at the statistics for the website to see if t's been worthwhile slaving over a hot keyboard and the this is what I've come up with

Countries of site visitors

UK 79%

USA 15%

Canada 2%

Spain 1%

Rest of Europe 1%

Rest of World 1%

Netherlands and Lithuania 1/2 % each

So hello to Lithuania

Visitor operating systema

Win XP 83%

Vista 8%

Win NT 5%

Win98 2%

Win2000 1%

Linux 1%

Days of week site viewed

Monday 32%

Tuesday 15%

Wednesday 6%

Thursday 7%

Friday 6%

Saturday 8%

Sunday 26%

So far

Unique visitors 1798

Visits 4027 (front page only)

Pages viewed (all) 27302 :thumbsup:

We need more links to more sites so webmasters link me please.


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