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:thumbsup: Just to say I watched Perranwell beat Penzance reserves 7-0 today and what a pleasure to watch! Rosie scored the first half goals (4) and then they got another 3 after the break. The game was held up for about 25 minutes as a Penzance defender had a neck injury and the ambulance was called for ( i hope he does make a full recovery) But as an ex player it is a joy to watch this young and with a few experienced players as in Steve Allen, Casey Adams, Bambi ( who was unavailable as he is injured) and Simon Fisher who was in goal today!! They are ( with the doctors!!!!!!) and the other young boys playing football as it should be played. Good entertainment!! And by the way well done to Dom Pullen from ( i think he is it Helston!!!!) Well i know he is , cos he is on a purple patch at the mo. Wait till you come to Cornwalls Wembley!! And the ref today was not a banker!!! And get well Freddie Kemp

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Guest Doomer17

No probs Paul. Was really worried when it happened, didn't seem like the collision was that bad, but when i noticed he wasn't responding to me it was quite worrying. Glad that hes well, for himself, and for the team..Badly need him!

Woeful performance if im honest, wasn't ever going to be an easy game, but we made it hard for ourselves. Defence(Jack especially for some reason) wasn't listening to me, wouldn't push out. Grenners was doing his best to get them out also. That was just one of the problems! Im sure you spotted a few!

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Shouldn't critise individuals but Jack seemed on a different planet. Everytime we went forward he stood and watched playing Perranwell onside all the time. Great tackler but no football brain. When he's done his bit just stands and watches game go on.

See you at St Day next week unless they play Porthleven in the Cup replay and we might be out of a game.

Don't foget 1st team at home Friday night to St Blazey in the Cup.

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