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Do you Remember these Teams from Mid 90'S

Guest Fish

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I remember playing against some of these teams when i first started playing mens football quite a few years ago!!! One team no one has mentioned is the Crown Inn played out towards St Day i think about 1992-93.


Duchy - Between 1993-1996, these were a very hard phsyical team and i remember i always scored there but we always lost. They had the smallest pitch in the world and the away team use to get a lot of abuse from mainly the women sitting on the bank watching!!, also they had the smallest changing rooms as well.

Mabe - Mabe School - I remember playing here in about 1994 a sloped pitch and the Great Perranporth Goal Keeper Simon Bertenshaw ( Went on play for Bodmin and i think he handed Falmouth the title in the mid 90's anyone remember, indirect free kick going straight in to the goal no one had touched it so if he left it, would be no goal but Simon got a hand to it and it counted!!!. Well that day in 94 Simon played up front and thats where he got his Nick name Big Bird from.

William IV - Can remember having tough games over there and having a good battle with player called Stretch.


Castle United - Made my Debut for Perranporth in 1992 against these got kicked all over, welcome to Men's football!!!. Scary playing them away.

Gweek Park Rangers - Will always remember playing against these in about 1994 when Ernie scored 6 goals in that game but they got wiped off as they folded that season.

Long Rock - Played near the round-a-about on your way into Penzance.

Trelawny - Well i thought Trelawny played down on a pitch in Lands End above the Minack Theatre, if nits not them what were they called. All i can remember is we went down there in 1993 the mist rolled in and we had 9 men lost 15-1 i scored a 30 yarder chip, (so still quite pleased) they won the Mining Division 3 title and i can remember Lee Norman playing for them i think with a alice band on ?? , can any one help me.

So there u go the good old days, so any one want to inform me if they remember these things about these teams please do as quite interesting and im bored at work!!



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Trelawney may have played down at Porthcurno Fish but their main pitch was just outside Penzance on the A30 Road to Lands End but on the corner where the road joins the one leading down Newlyn Coombe.The did have a good team with the likes of Lee Norman,Gary Marks and others who had played Senior Football.

The Porthcurno pitch was used years ago by the Exiles team(from the Cable and Wireless College at Porthcurno).

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Guest town man

The Porthcurno pitch was used a few years ago in the sunday league by a team named Baltic Pine if I am not mistaken.

Extremely Windy! Luckily when I played their it was early in the season and the wind was quite warm.

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Guest crackmeup

ref the william team the palyer called stretch you refer to is none other than me old mate andrew collins morev recently of aggie and a shot spell at chace.

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