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Developments at Penzance

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To me the problem will be parking. If the old clubhouse is going to be turned into housing and the whole of the South side is going to be turned into a clubhouse/bar/meeting rooms, which will take up some of the car park where will the entrance and parking be?

Pictures don't show an entranceway.


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If Wendron can do it so can we.

I remember each week throwing a couple of quid into the collecting box we had in the tea hut to help raise money for the new floodlights. I must have paid for one of the light bulbs . (probably the one that's blown!)

I suppose the club will want me to throw in fivers next for the new clubhouse! :lol: (and they know I will)

A couple of years after the current clubhouse was built the club had a sponsored walk to raise money to buy a new carpet and I and my 2 youngest raised £600. Paid for a quarter of the new flooring! Couldn't walk now so will just throw some money in the teahut pot each week. :P

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