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True Godolphin Atlantic legend

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Such sad news to such a nice guy in mick. Not only was he a true G army legend but a Newquay one too. The youth set up of Newquay was all down to his and Derek martins hard work to get the youth centre going. You couldn't have wished to have met a nicer bloke in mick and it has definitely rubbed off one Phil and Jamie they are a massive credit to him and Anne. So glad I had the pleasure to know him and take his advice in my youth football days. Totally gutted for Phil and Jamie.


what Mick didn't know about football wasn't worth knowing.


Top top guy mick RIP will always remember you.


Hope Phil and Jamie continue to make you proud.


jamie Tipton 



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Another Newquay legend gone done so much for the G and Newquay youth centre teams he started my son off playing footy with Newquay youth centre team . Hope the G can now go out and win the cup for him sad day in Newquay so many fine people passed away maybe the G can have a cup say the Mick Lowry trophy like the Brian Biggin trophy or maybe they could  merge the match

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