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Godolphin Atlantic vs Exmouth Town

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Its me replying to my own post lol came back early from watching the G play my poor little dog doesnt like the rain me neither come to that . Well the G where very dissapointing missing there driving force in Jamie Lowry and the Exmouth players where superior all over the field and Dan Boere the Exmouth forward was a real handful and the G defence just couldnt cope with him i liked Exmouths no 3 thought he was a good player and i thought the Gs Dan Carne was a handful with his wing play .The G where losing 0-2 when i left and Ollie PINNEL went off with a hamstring injury hope you are fit for the final Ollie to mark Levi Landricombe who is a brilliant player and i think if they can stop him the G will have a chance of winning the Walter Parsons cup . I would like to say what a nice touch by Aaran Dilley for coming over and saying thanks for my support over the season that was really good and i had missed severel games at the beginning of the season due to feeling crap after radiotherapy but thats all over and im clear at last . Looking forward to the final at Torpoint and just hope the G can beat a fine Plymouth Parkway side i just  looks like i got the wrong score up because on the goal updates on here it said it was 1-1 so the Exmouth goal must of been disallowed when i left and it looks like the final score was 2-2 but i expect i am wrong .



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looks like i had the wrong score up
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