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Dean Cardew will no doubt be one of the favourites for the job and i guess it only seems fitting that he would take over due to doing so well with the reserves (albeit in an ECPL league that isn't what it was 5 years ago) and the heritage his family has with Torpoint.

Would be very interesting to see if TAFC decide to go for someone outside, with different personnel, relationships and ideas. 

The club has it all really; great facilities, a dedicated board, great fans and a good playing surface. Just needs a someone to come in for the long-haul and attract the right players to move the club forward to where it can be!

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Torpoint could seriously be a force to reckon with, there's players in their second team that should be playing SWPL. If they throw everything at their first team then they will be top contenders within a few seasons, looking at the table they could finish 14th this season, it's not good enough for a well ran and well established club like Torpoint. Dean Cardew could be the one to lead this.

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