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Guest stealth

big number 9 how are you i think you will find if you have played senior football this year and when you sign for a sunday side you hav 2 wait 30 days be 4 you can play stealth :ninja:

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...partially correct boys ...........the 30days was agreed by the clubs themselves for those players who get dragged into a senior match at the last minute to help out for ONE game, if you have been a regular senior player then forget it you will not be allowed to register during the same season .........this only applies to the Nalders West Cornwall Sunday League matches.

County Cup Matches are nothing to do with this League and different rules apply .

I believe the Cornwall Sunday League which covers the EAST of the County have also stopped Senior players appearing now as well .

Think the message has finally got through that these Leagues only want GENUINE junior standard players appearing to keep some sort of parity in the standard , enjoyment is more important that pot hunting !!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Big number 9 ........this was exactly the reason it was brought in to stop the real talented players coming in and showing off against inferior opposition .............do you really think they want to play against class players scoring double figures every week ??

But then I suppose it would be fun for you :(:(:( :(

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