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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

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Guest The Judge aka RED OR DEAD

We’ve all seen games when the referee’s decisions have affected the outcome, but rare is the time when the referee’s goal scoring prowess is the difference. The classic clip on the link shows the referee netting a goal against the Turkish club Besiktas. As luck would have it, they lost the game 1-0 and finished in second place that season one point away from a championship. If only they had marked the referee better!


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There's the brilliant Jack Rosenthal play " Another Sunday and Sweet F.A." where two Sunday Teams generally play badly and blame evyone else especiallythe ref.

Towards the end he gets really fed up. A cross comes over and he leaps and heads it in to win the game.

Stunned silence.

Reminds them that the referee is part of the field of play. "Goal".

Wonderful, funny TV play regularly repeated. Catch it if you can.

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Guest Postie Pidge

two Sunday Teams generally play badly

Sounds like a Crowntown game!

There was a piece in the paper a few years ago about a referee who had non stop abuse all game. Mid-way through the second half, he'd had enough. Standing on the edge of the area, the ball came to him and he hit it full pelt right into the top corner. He picked the ball up, stated "That's how you score a f***ing goal" and walks off with 22 stunned players and officials watching in disbelief!

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