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Captains only??

Guest Ronin

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From the FA website (full article HERE)

The FA’s Head Coach Steve McClaren has backed Chief Executive Brian Barwick in his bid to bring the behaviour of footballers towards match officials into line.

Both McClaren and Barwick made it clear that one of the priorities is to try and improve the way in which players often react to decisions made by the match officials at both professional level and right down to the grassroots.

Barwick couldn’t hide his feelings on the matter and admitted that he feels it is one of his ambitions to establish a better relationship between players and referees.

“I have taken it upon myself as one of my own aspirations while I’m in this job to improve behaviour on the field of play, footballers to referees,” he added.

“I’m determined to make an impact – and I’ll do it. I’ll start in January and I’ll start at grass roots level.

“We have three pilot schemes. One, where only the captain can approach the referee. Two, roped off areas so over-indulgent and abusive parents, guardians and spectators can’t get at them.

“And number three is a memorandum of understanding. Everyone signs up to a standard of behaviour. If it’s breached then you can’t go out and play, basically.

What do you reckon? :thumbsup: from me for number one but I'm not too sure about two and three.

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Guest postman pat

i am in agreement with number1 but feel that as you get to the lower reaches of the pyramid system it would be difficult to implement 2@3 in the case of 2 teams playing on park pitches could not viably rope off areas and in the case of 3 sides put unregistered players on team sheets all the time without referees knowing <_<

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