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New Magazine plus a free one

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For anyone who is interested, takes part in or coaches Youth Football there is a new magazine out called "Total Youth Football".

The cost is £2.95 per month and the first issue is dated November 2007.

There is a phone number 01277 725054

Website http://totalyouthfootball.com

I found it on the internet a while ago and they were offering free copies so the first arrived today 2nd October.

They are also advertising a magazine called Total Youth Footie which is a free monthly magazine for boys and girls aged 10-14. e-mail address for this is nick@totalyouthfootball.com

Everyone of your youth team could have one.


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I got passed a copy of this yesterday by a mate who works in the local school. It was a nice magazine which expanded on the usual "Here's a load of drills to try next training session" with interviews with Sir Trevor Brooking, information on schemes like the Give Us Our Game Back incentive to stamp out pitchside abuse, medical advice, advice on stretching, injury prevention and loads of other stuff. They're offering 15 issues for the price of 12 (£35 odd) which works out at less than £2.50 per issue which isn't bad :clapper:

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