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Ray Boundy (Camelford FC) - RIP

Dave Deacon

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Sorry to say that I learnt this morning that Ray Boundy passed away.


Ray played primarily in the 1950’s & 1960’s with amongst others Roy Rivers, Dickie Burnett and his brother Len Boundy.


He started playing at Camelford at the age of 15 and played for the club until the age of 46. He always recalls the match when he was the left-back facing Stanley Matthews (Sir) in a representative game at St Austell.


He made 22 appearances for the county and is President of Camelford, the club he has served across six decades.


I was advised of this sad news by his nephew Paul Hicks, who of course many of you will know as one of the best goalkeepers around in the recent past.


Paul was already on the "Legends" list on the CORNISH SOCCER website, I think Ray certainly deserves to be added and now appears on it as well..

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It was with great sadness that we heard that Ray Boundy had passed away this morning. A great player, past Chairman and current President of his beloved Camelford FC.  With his wife Pam they have supported the Club in everyway possible.


Up until last year he would be there every Saturday watching a match and asking at the grand age of 87 if he was needed as a substitute!


He was so proud that he represented Cornwall and that he only ever played for Camelford.  His recall of matches was legendary and could not be matched and he was a delight to listen to.


We shall all miss Ray a great player and true Clubman.


Hilary Kent - Hon Secretary

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Our President, Ray Boundy, was a true footballing gent in every sense of the word. Ray had already been at the club for forty years before I arrived so I cannot comment first hand but his


playing career and support for the club were already legendary back then. All that I can say that his enthusiasm for the club never wavered and despite his glittering career he was


always supportive and never critical of the current lads, encouraging them and myself through good and difficult times alike. Whenever I met him in Camelford he always had a smile on his face,


recalling old times and the previous week's game with equal passion and never failing to ask if I needed him for the following Saturday! His wife Pam supported him wholeheartedly and there can


rarely have been a couple who have given so much to one club, our thoughts are with her now. Goodbye Ray, we will all miss you.

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