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Hayle vintage brew 2-1 St Agnes B

St Agnes will feel unhappy about the result due to some dodgy decisions that affected both teams but them more a penalty they said wasnt a goal they said was.

Unusual for home games we struggled to feild 11 players with couple of late arrivals scrapped 11 men we controlled the game playing some good football in the first half and should have taken the lead without the help of a penalty for hand ball which was scored then Dave Massey got injured and down to ten with no subs Paul Birch made a few good saves to keep us in front then Aggie took a quick free kick catching us out on the stroke of half time to equalise 1-1 half time.

Aggie were better team in second half but we took the lead when Polo Mathews header just crossed the line after the keeper got his hand to it Aggie got ball in the net but after Ref chat with lino was chopped off for offside we held on and got a lucky three points. :drink::drink::drink::drink:

Good luck Aggie for rest of season good bunch of lads.

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we still won weeman!!! sorry not been there last couple games,had a chest infection,still have to be honest!! hard to shake off at our age mate!!!!not as bad as dougie with his broken linesmans arm though!! going scotland again tomorrow for a few days. :(:c::drink: .bro in law got top seats for celtic v milan wednesday night.do you want anything al? programme? get your bets on 0-0!!!!! always a shocker when im in the crowd.ruin it for everyone!!!!

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