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Question for SWL stattos/Richard Rundle re goal average


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The 1956/57 SWL table has Helston Athletic and Bugle 10th and 11th respectively. They are level on 25 points and although not relevent, the only thing I can see that keeps Helston in the higher position is goal difference.

Bugle scored more goals and have a better goal average so why are they in the lower position?

Assuming goal average is goals scored divided by goals conceded it works out as:

Helston Athletic F43 A69 = 43/69 = 0.623

Bugle F67 A97 = 67/97 = 0.690

All records I can locate has the above but surely it's wrong?

As a footnote when did goal difference come into force for the SWL? 3 points for a win was a late arrival in 1993/94.

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