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With the help of Willow Tree we are trying to add to the Combo Website. He has been collecting the names of goal scorers and I have been doing individual pages for sides in the League. So far we have done 1959-63.

Find them on this page


Click on a season and then on the CLUB FIXTURE LISTS to find a team. There is also a Golden Boot Award page for each season.

I have started adding to a page, the complete list of scorers for a team. It is on the page below under the heading ALL GOALS.


Only started doing it last night, NYE, so only a few done today, and each side takes about an hour or so to cross reference. Will finish others in next couple of days.

Hopefully it will get easier as only one season will have to be added at a time once info comes in during the year.

If a player has a double set of seasons against him, it is because for some seasons he never scored so we don't know if he was at that club or not

There are lots of missing Christian names, for some sides much worse than others. We know we will never get all the names of every goal scored only the ones from the papers unless there are individuals out there that have records of games they played in and goals scored. There might be club records that we could borrow.

Two sides are terrible, RAF St Mawgan and RNAS Culdrose as the newspapers only gave their rank and surname!

All help would be welcome. Just browse the site. see a name you know, add it on this thread.

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Some of the RAF St Mawgan players include: Walkey, Bailey or Dalley, J. Ellis, M.J. (or Peter) Kelly, L. Hogg, R. Rowden, J. Pye, D. Gunson, R. Dawe, B. Case, J. Muir, J. Welsh, D. West, Frost, Jones, Jefferies, Reynolds, LAC Froggatt, J. Stevenson, Foreman, Burrows, Ings, Butcher, J. Johnson.

Some for RNAS Culdrose: P. (Taff) Roberts, Heaton, Harrison, Hewitt, R. Stewart, Greenslade (could be Greenshields), Ward, L. Henson, Fowler, Whitehead, B or R Barnes, Ledger, Reynolds, S. Berry, Platel/Playtell, Allen, E. Jones, Tuttall, Morton, Alcock, Urech.

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