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Guest Postie Pidge

It would be a good idea for the CCFA website to have a section where teamsheets and any other info could be available to download and print. Especially for incompetant secretaries who lose theirs! :angry:

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Guest plainmoor

The ccfa would see any alternative to their powerhold a real threat, it's been done like it has for years, so why change aformat that 'they' know works for them.

They do not want to be know and they certainly do not want to help enhance or promote cornish football, thats why it's done behind closed doors.

Stuffy, old boy, net work, too long in the tooth or dinosaurs, call them what you will, they are just politicans in disguise, they never answer a straight question or dodge the answer or never do what their public want as they see it as a loss of power, they would feel undermined that some one from 'outside' their covent has been proactive and had a better idea than them.

When the draw has been made, is it ever announced publicly by the ccfa, no they can't even do that, they leave it to other people to filter out the draws by the people of cornwall on this website (the best media tool currently available).

Stuck in thier ways yes, on a nice little earner their way, yes, can always be seen on mass when theres an important truro match swigging chardonay and eating prawn sarnies all for free, yes, want to do the best for cornish football and the follows of it NO.

Time for a change at the helm and the lower ranks, cornwall does not want a dictatorship for the county fa, but sadly thats what you got. Time for an uprising, power to the people.

At least Devon FA has come out of the dark ages and seen the light, they fully embrace the media and exploit them to the full.

Cornwall I feel sorry for you.

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..just had a look on the County website for all the results from yesterdays SUNDAY CUP matches ......

surprise surprise they haven`t even put the draw for yesterdays games on site yet .let alone the results !!!!!!!!!

absolutely brilliant site ????? NOT

Anybody know how Truro United v Tregonnissey finished ????

After you tell me ..fancy telling those from the inner sanctum !!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

but we still love them for all their hard work and dedication in making Cornish Football wonderful :angry: :angry:

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