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Blisland in the 80's

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Can anyone ever tell me what happened to the Blisland Football Team? Supposedly one of the worst places to travel needing a result in the 70's/ 80's! Who used to play for them and were they as good as a few people have suggested?

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The Blisland squad that lost 2-3 aet to Millbrook in the 1976/77 Cornwall Junior Cup Eastern Area Final:

K. Nottle (GK)

P. Nottle

F. Nicholls

P. Nicholls

K. Yeo

R. Billing

J. Bate

K.R. Greenaway

B. Greenaway

P. Greenaway

F.G. Greenaway

W. Greenaway

Manager: G. Greenaway (with his 5 sons in the team)

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I know Blisland is quite high up but don't know if their ground was 'up there' or elsewhere. It would be interesting to know the highest grounds in Cornwall and the lowest too!

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5 brothers-Cant see that ever being bettered.

Were the Greenaway's also associated with St.Breward?

Is St.Breward the highest Cornish ground above sea level ?

Brianmooreshead may correct me,but the Pelynt side of the late 70s/early 80s would have contained a number of Powell brothers,managed by the late Harry: Martin,Chris,Anthony,Shaun and Kevin

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St Breward have played at Brake Parc since 1969 before that they played at De Lank. They were founder members of the Combo league and won it in or around 1962. They moved to the ECPL around 1972 but never finished higher than second but did win the league cup, and the Evely cup in or around 1971. In the league cup they beat St Austell res 5 3 at Lostwithiel and in the Evely Cup Marazion 3 1 at Illogan. i was playing for them at 15 years old and can remember playing in the Senior Cup at Penzance when Tony Kellow was playing Penzance won 9 0 or 9 1 and Kellow scored 5 or 6, I can remember the Penzance manager coming in our changing room and saying that our number 8 was the best player on the park. I think he may have tried to sign him later that season. That number 8 was Peter Greenaway known as " Gant" who was the oldest of the 11 Greenaway children There were 6 boys and 5 maids all the boys played for St breward at some stage but there was quite an age difference from oldest to youngest with the girls in amongst it all. I played for St Breward with Peter Roy Willy Brian and Paul Greenaway all in the team as well as the Menhinnick twins Mark and Phil. We had some good teams and also some good players including Paul Hicks who was the County goalie for man years after he moved to Wadebridge and Bodmin. David was the youngest Greenaway to play but he was 30 years younger than the eldest so there was quite a few years from first to last.

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De Lank was an exposed ground as in 1963 Helston came out for the second half with just 8 players. The ground was battered by winds and torrential rain and after the players refused to play the referee abandoned the game. Within five minutes, the wind snapped the crossbar of one of the goalposts and it collapsed in a heap. The game and points were awarded to St Breward who were 4-0 up at the time. The league were insistent on the game being replayed but several clubs claimed it would set a dangerous precident.

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