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Hayle res v Falmouth Tn

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Hayle res 2-1 Falmouth Tn

Hayle goals K Toms 1 C Thomas 1

Had the option to use first team players today if we needed them, and before the critics start i make no appoligies, and we did need them as Falmouth were a good side, it was a very good game with Falmouth going 1 up and they were the better team in the first half, and deserved to go in at the break in the lead.

We used 2 regular first team players with one on the bench, and another 2 who played for us up until 3 weeks ago when they got pulled from us to the firsts, we were the better team in the second half and when a Falmouth player got sent off for a foul as the last man, we took advantage and pulled the game back with Kev Toms goal to draw and our skipper Chris Thomas getting the winner in injury time.

Three valuable points gained and thats all that matters at end of season. When and if we keep our combo place. :drink::drink::drink: :drink:

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Guest Doomer17

Great result Weeman. Glad you said that you make no apologies for using first team players, you dont need to! You needed them, you used them, and you have 3 points.. a great days work right!? Exactly the same scenario as us at Penryn last tuesday. Well done matey

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