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Im not sure if someone can clear this up for me, Am i right in thinking that Andrew Lilly is no longer the manager at the mighty Gloweth.

The reason i ask is because there seems to be an update on the football.mitoo website saying Gloweth utd change of secretary with all of Sarah Gallimores details on and also on the same page it says Manager David Oakes, if this is correct what happend to Mr Lilly.

I thought it was strange how he had not been on here for a while.

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zebedee, trouble and strife :clapper:

I didn’t realise you were into all that rhyming slang my old china. :D

I thought I had not seen him on here for a day or two and as none of the Gloweth players had said anything I thought something had happened to him, I don’t know why some of his players haven’t posted something on here about him though as I was lead to believe that he did a good job at the club, You would at least think they would have come on here and said thanks, I know he worked hard for the team on and off the field.

Oh well hope he moves onto bigger and better things up the line. :D

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