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Didn't Bryn Wheeler score the other Town goal that day Mike? 2-1 final score if memory serves??

Good memory Sir-Were you a player /spectator that day ?

Bryn equalised on thr hour after trailing 0-1 at half time and Captain Sweet won it 4 minutes from time.

The Team

Bryan Skoffin-Matt Moore-Wayne Brown-Dave Sweet-Richard Full-Ross Pope-Darren Burchell-Damien Stevens-Bryn Wheeler-Karl Turner

Substitutes Dominic Pullen-Steve Opie-Ben Waters

Manager Neil Phillips/Ray Wheeler

please dont remind me of the next F A Cup 2ndQ/R at Mangotsfield lol

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Mike I did indeed play that day, Richard Full alongside Dave Sweet at centre half. I unfortunately remember the Mangotsfield game too, Sweeter getting sent off after about 10 mins and we got thumped 10-1, Ross Pope netting a consolation! Long way to go for a hammering!

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Well now that you have brought it up Richard.

Although under pressure our defence was looking solid until "Sweeter" the king pin clapped a Referee's Assistant decision and was harshly dismissed.

I can still here the "Mango" supporters shouting "Feed the Seal" refererring to their striker David Seal

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