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Eddy stays at the Lilywhites

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Like I said in another thread,no one has the god given right to be in the starting line-up.That luxury has to be earned,and the best way to do that for a striker is to keep knocking the goals in.So if you find yourself warming the bench and are lucky enough to get on as a sub,you have got to show the manager how good you are,and it is you that should have started in the first place.In other words prove you are the best.

To be honest,I think if Liam had the patience and desire to play at a higher level,he had the pro's at Truro who could have made that possible for him,but maybe like someone said,perhaps he didn't fancy all the traveling.

But it must also be remembered,goal scoring does not come easy in the southern prem.

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I agree with Kit65.

We will not know if Liam could cut the mustard at Southern League or Conference south levels.

He was'nt given a run of games at Truro,but he had potential for sure.

If he just had that desire, ambition and a bit of patience to really give it his all at the highest level,I really think he could of made it.

Now we will probably,never know,because chances at a high level are few and far ,between.

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People dont realise the massive difference in the league standard from Truro to St Austell. Coming up against teams like Cambridge, Slough, Corby Town every week that are made up of mostly former Pro's or young players that have just been released from Pro clubs or coming up against very weak local teams made up of just average players. No disrespect to the teams from mid table downwards in the Peninsula League but Liam Eddy would give them headaches all game, something he wouldnt do in Truros league so its no wonder he has stayed at St Austell where he is going to start, score goals and probably pick up more money.

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