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domo has scored 16 already. steadman aint a bad player but needs to sort his attitude out because he will spend more time on the touchline than the pitch.

where can we see alist of the top scorers.

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Guest Helston Patriot

Dom Pullen 16 goals in 8 games... No one will catch him

Steadman HAS the worst attitude i've played against in years.. fortunately for him, he knows where the goal is.

Young Liam Eddy (16yrs) to score atleast 15+ He's on 5 out of 7 and came off the bench in 6 games!

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Don't knock Teddyboy's. Best music in the world.

I'm not keepin a figure for top scorer as don't have the time plus papers lists only some scorers.

Justin Harrington has been knocking them in for Truro, but from what I've read Dom Pullen looks like he's goona be on top.

If he's got 16 that means the rest of the squad at Helston have scored 19 between them. That is better than St Day last year where almost every goal was scored by one of two players. Now they're gone St Day are struggling.

Also Pz committee have appointed Jeery Ede to be our 2nd team manager. Too quick, if we'd waited a couple of days we could have asked Jose from Chelsea. £25million in the bank and a lifetime to spend it. Not bad for 3 years work.

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